We’re a small communications shop owned by three quirky, influential and intuitive women with over 30 years of combined experience. We don’t believe in the old school agency world – the dusty mold and billable hours. We don’t believe in “deliverables.” We believe that female leadership and strategic business can shape our communities, and we’re hell-bent on proving it.

Consider us your favorite pillow, a giant spoon for you to shovel down comfort food, that cherished liquor in your post work cocktail.

We live to serve as a strategic partner for small, entrepreneurial brands in the food and beverage, hospitality and nonprofit/conservation spaces. We’re obsessed with making our clients feel like meeting us was a serendipitous occurrence (we come along at just the right time, with just the right things). Bonus: small businesses can actually afford us.

We believe in bravery and in
actually fucking doing it.

Our Services

Our Services

  • Communication Strategy

    We help you master the art of connection.

  • Public Relations

    We compel people to become your friends.

  • Digital Marketing

    We reach those who seem unreachable.

  • Social Media

    We spark purrs and incite engagement.

  • Photography

    We take pretty pictures.

  • Videography

    We craft fancy-pants videos too.

  • Content Creation

    We create shiny things that delight.

  • Branding

    We make people fall in love with you.

Who we are

Who we are

In a world full of swipers, we scroll to get down to the bottom of your true personality (past that fabulous aesthetic). We want to get to know you in-and-out and give you something even better than you need. We have an unnerving commitment to an awe-inspiring outcome. We aren’t afraid to be clever and scrappy to make real things happen for your brand.

Raven & Rose

We’ll tattoo your name on our forehead.
Can we hold your hand in public?

We believe in doing what it takes to be a true strategic partner to achieve real top-to-bottomness. We’re not in business just to do business. We’re nimble, adaptive and always curious about what’s just around the corner. We crave a seat at the decision-making table and we’re not afraid to see (and take care of) your dirty laundry.

We’re balanced, intuitive.
Quirky and influential.

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